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Flake News Humorists & Writing Contributors:

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David Smith.png

David Smith

David Smith is a hermit living in Llanaber. The perpetual fog never lifts so he writes books. Check 'em out www.davidsmithbooks.co.uk.

Twitter @DavidSmithBooks


Gil Prowler.jpeg

Gil Prowler

Gil Prowler is a freelance writer and independent filmmaker who has spent most of his life working, looking for work or running down checks. He was born in Brooklyn, New York at a time when you could use a public restroom without having to pass through security, the adult magazines were usually hidden in the attic by your old man and Pluto was a planet. Read more at baconplant.com.

Twitter @gprowler


Steve Reeno Kloser.jpg

Steve Reeno Kloser

A graduate of Portland State University, Steve (Reeno) Kloser is the author of Beginning Band - A Guide to Success. He is also an accomplished teacher, conductor and composer, having penned numerous pieces including Grampa's Lullaby.

Teacher, web developer, Packers fan and proud American, Reeno's usually slanted outlook often presents an unlikely perspective on issues old and new. Reeno currently lives in Portland, OR.

Read more at reeno317.me

Twitter @reeno317


Jordan Gonzalez.JPG

Jordan Gonzalez

Jordan Gonzalez is a Long Island resident but he attends class at CUNY City College. With this stark contrast between white middle class suburban life and diverse racial, ethnic,and economic urban life, Jordan has an interesting take on everyday life and worldly issues. Majoring in Political Science with Theatre as a minor, Jordan takes life with a healthy balance of seriousness and fun. He communicates best with the world through dance and food as he is willing to eat almost anything you put in front of him and has an innate sense of rhythm. He is registered as independent but he typically leans towards the liberal side, though his true allegiance is to reason and logic.


Robert McCarthy.jpg

Robert McCarthy

Robert McCarthy is a Chicago-based entrepreneur whose (unpaid) side gig is crafting zippy satire for the enjoyment of a tiny group of devoted followers via his website, www.quickercity.com.

Twitter @quickercity


Drew Adamski.jpg

Drew Adamski

Past his prime and on a collision course with mediocrity, Drew Adamski would be real embarrassed about his own life if the world wasn’t such a mess.

Twitter @Robofalcon.


Zach Porreca.JPG

Zach Porreca

Recently released back into the world, Zach Porreca resides on the banks of Philadelphia's Schuylkill River, solemnly counting the days until he is able to retire from a life of manual labor.

Instagram @zachporreca


Anne Sherron.jpg

Anne Sherron

Anne Sherron wrote for a right-wing publication before she finally came to her senses. Scoffing at hate and trading it in for love and acceptance, she now fights the good fight for proud snowflakes everywhere. Oh, and she writes about vampires too.

Twitter @sherroniscarin


Larissa Szilagyi.jpg

Larissa Szilagyi

Larissa Szilagyi is a political junky turned into a self-proclaimed, aspiring comedian. For more jokes, follow her on social media.

Twitter @LarissaSzilagyi

Instagram @LarissaSzilagyi


Morris Katz.png

Morris Katz

Morris Katz is a published children's book author as well as an experienced production assistant (working for Eric Bogosian's 100 Monologues) and screenwriter. He lives in NYC but currently attends Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs. Follow on Facebook and read more at his Amazon author page.

Twitter @katz_morris


Jeff Myhre.jpg

Jeff Myhre

Jeff Myhre, PhD, is a long suffering political junkie who can't for the life of him figure out why people don't vote for smarter, better, more effective candidates.  He believes we don't need better politicians; we need better voters. Visit www.kensingtonreview.com and www.stagebiz.com.


Geoffrey Altrocchi.jpg

Geoffrey Altrocchi

When Geoffrey Altrocchi is not writing political satire, he is washing dishes. If your dishes were dirty recently in way that they shouldn't have been dirty, please contact him through his blog and let him know. And while you are on his blog, check out his movie reviews and the Cinegeoff Podcast.


Caity Coffey.jpg

Caity is a writer, satirist, and mom of babies with varying amounts of fur. She distracts herself from living in New Jersey by posting on Twitter a lot. 

Twitter @ElfMamaKate


Lindsey Daly.jpg

Lindsey Daly

Lindsey is a 28-year-old history teacher, writer and unofficial political contributor to anyone willing to listen. She enjoys traveling, music and coping with the current presidency through humor. Read more at thedalystruggle.com.

Twitter @lindseydee14


Emma Gil de Montes.jpg

Emma Gil de Montes

Emma Gil de Montes is a college student with some big dreams and little pockets. Currently working as a freelance writer, she is trying to make a name for herself.

Instagram @emma.reiko


Kevin Scanlan.jpg

Kevin Scanlan

Kevin Scanlan is a former litigation assistant for decades and hardcore conservative since birth. Extreme promoter of science and critical thinking. Currently, dazed and confused by the state of American politics. Kevin has done some stand-up and loves to laugh. You can find humor anywhere, although current events are just making it too easy. Visit Littlebylittletothetruth.com.


Martin Samoylov.jpeg

Martin Samoylov

Martin Samoylov is a proud New York snowflake, immigrant and MoviePass card owner. Follow on Twitter @martin_samoylov.


Brian Cooper.JPG

Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper is a 70's baby with a very large diverse family. As an Army brat, he travelled and lived in numerous places around the world. This has helped him obtain an inclusive attitude towards the world, cultures, and people. He has a love of Chicago and their sports teams (Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, & White Sox) and feels guilty as he currently lives in the Southwest and never has to shovel snow. He is married with grown up kids and has learned to overcome his allergy of his wife's love for cats. No more than 2 at a time though. Read more at mysaltandpepperworld.wordpress.com and follow on YouTube.


Rachel Mohan.jpg

Rachel Mohan

Rachel is a blogger and writer in Southern California, mom of 5 and cookie addict. Her other interests include activism, and Southwestern Archaeology.

Twitter @rachelmohan

Instagram @bethepeopleunited

Pinterest @rachelmohan


Brian Dunlop.jpg

Brian Dunlop

Brian Dunlop is a journalist, political commentator, poet, as well as a satire, parody and performance artist. Read more at coed.com and follow on Facebook.

Twitter @BrianPaulDunlop



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Jordan Friedberg

Jordan Friedberg is a writer and humorist based in New York City. Currently the editor of Flake News, he has previously written professionally for Sony and YAI in Manhattan. He voices the character Moe Flake and all the other characters featured in videos throughout the Flake News site.

Twitter @theflakenews


Magi Loucks.jpg

Magi Loucks

Magi Loucks is an actor, singer, comedic improvisor, and freelance writer who “moves well.” She has performed on every type of stage, TV, and film set there is, except the “adult” kind. Read more at MagiLoucks.com.


Ayo Bowman.jpg

Ayo Bowman is an NYC-based writer, director, actor, and all-around creative. Too many opinions to ever truly shut up.

Twitter @AyoAyobow

Instagram @Ayo-io


Alex Delesky.jpg

Alex Delesky

Alex Delesky is a young New Jersey native who is a couple years into a lifelong mission to become relevant in the world of comedy. Despite every aged comic telling him happiness in comedy doesn't exist, he is still hopeful for some reason.

Twitter @AlexDelesky


Dean Kaner.JPG

Dean Kaner

Dean B. Kaner is a playwright and screenwriter, having co-produced and co-written plays for the stage with performances in Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, Phoenix and Memphis. He is co-producing the play Before We're Gone by Jerry Small opening July 5, 2018 at Thirteenth Street Repertory Company in New York City. Read more The Jerry Duncan Show at The Flake News and Humor Times.


Christopher Giovine.JPG

Christopher Giovine

Christopher Giovine is just a guy trying to make the world laugh, as it crumbles around us. He had every opportunity to be insufferable but chose otherwise. This snowflake doesn't melt, even if the world around him is on fire. Follow on Twitter @gio_je_suis and Instagram @gio.je.suis.


Carlo N. Mando.jpg

Carlo N. Mando is best known for his work as the ghost writer of The Bible. He enjoys cutting expensive cheese with strangers he met on the street, and drunkenly hate-tweeting ex business partners.

Twitter @Mand0nT


Margy Hillman.png

Margy Hillman

Margy Hillman is an Educator, writer, and proud member of Mom's Rising.

Twitter @margyhillman


Trevor Kroger.jpg

Trevor Kroger

Trevor Kroger is a librarian between libraries somewhere on the East Coast. His fiction has appeared in Eastern Iowa Review, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Babbling of the Irrational, and Potluck Magazine. Purchase his novels at his Amazon store here. Read more at vectorpress.blogspot.com.

Twitter @tpkroger