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Enemy At The Gates

Enemy At The Gates

Trump’s presidency has caused me to agree with people who make my skin crawl under normal circumstances. And in some cases I even hate people a little less. I now think, sure George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction, but at least he didn’t taunt Saddam Hussein on Twitter. And sure, Nixon was a paranoid alcoholic who roamed the halls of the White House at night plotting revenge against Paul Newman. And sure, I wish I was making that up, but Paul Newman was really on Nixon’s enemy list. I don’t why. Perhaps, he didn’t like his salad dressing. We may never know. But at least Nixon resigned. Eventually.

And now I find myself siding with John Bolton, a man I dislike for many reasons, but mostly for that ridiculous mustache. In fact, I learned Trump fired Bolton from my mom. She said, “Trump fired the guy with the mustache.”

The final bone of contention between Trump and Bolton was a meeting Trump planned at Camp David. With the Taliban. On September 11th. Bolton objected to this idea for obvious reasons. He basically told the president, “Dude, this is seriously the worst idea you’ve ever had. Even the people who are cool with your babies in cages policy don’t want the Taliban welcomed into the country. On September 11th.”

And Trump was all like, “I’ve heard from many, many people that this is one of the great, perhaps even the greatest idea any president has ever had. You can look all through history and no president ever sat down with our greatest enemy. People say to me, they say, “What if Roosevelt had sat down with Hitler? Just think how many lives could have been saved.” Or, “why didn’t Truman go to North Korea?” If you really take the time to think about that, Truman could have ended the Korean War so quickly. And then MASH wouldn’t have been a show and Alan Alda wouldn’t have become a star. And quite frankly, I’ve never cared for him. So, I’m going to meet with the Taliban and I don’t care what you or Alan Alda think about it. If you don’t like it, you can leave.”

So Bolton left and now they’re arguing over whether Bolton quit or whether Trump fired him. As if anyone but the two of them care. Trump did ultimately cancel the Taliban meeting, but I still have a few lingering questions about it. If anyone has answers, please share.

First, how was he going to get the Taliban into the country? The Taliban is the reason with have a No Fly List, so surely the Taliban is on the No Fly List.

Second, what happened to Trump’s Muslim ban? Don’t get me wrong. The Muslim ban was immoral and stupid. But I thought he proposed the Muslim ban to appear tough on terrorism. So why then, would he make an exception for terrorists?

And finally, where are the super racist Trump supporters when you need them? These people spent eight years hating Obama for being brown. And in their collective ignorant rage they decided Obama was a Muslim and hated him for that as well. Super racist Trump supporters are suddenly cool with the Taliban?

Trump has lowered the bar to the point where I now feel let down by racists because they aren’t being racist enough.


Photo by Michael Vadon | CC-BY-SA-4.0

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