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Trump And Putin Slap It On The Table In New Nuclear Arms Race

Trump And Putin Slap It On The Table In New Nuclear Arms Race


Donald Trump is working hard to increase the US arsenal of nuclear weapons in response to what he believes is Russia ‘cheating’ on a nuclear arms limitation agreement (The 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty) signed between the two countries by Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev. The 2018 tally of the two countries’ nuclear arsenals puts the current ‘scores on the doors’ at Russia 6,850 warheads (of which 1,600 are deployed) and US at 6,450 (of which 1,750 are deployed). This is enough fire power to fry the earth’s surface many times over and render the planet uninhabitable for centuries to come.

However, this fact has not deterred either Trump or Vladimir Putin from diverting the US and Russian taxpayers’ hard earned money away from areas such as education, healthcare, infrastructure or whatever into the further building up of each country’s pointless nuclear weaponry.

It beggar’s belief that anybody in their right mind would ever get him or herself into a conflict that could lead to the deployment of all these deadly nukes, let alone actually use them. Of course that doesn’t take into account the ‘mine is bigger’ aspect of international posturing, and the ‘megaton’ egos of the two gentlemen concerned.

N.B. Please note that henceforth I’m now now having to commit myself to power-washing my front door every morning. This is in case one of Mr. Putin’s henchmen is sent on a whistle-stop visit to my little village to ‘take in the view of Cardigan Bay’ from outside my front door, and whilst there inadvertently smears ‘unknown substances’ on it.

Speaking to reporters before leaving for one of his Nuremberg style red neck rallies in Nevada, President Trump boasted that America was richer than its thermo-nuclear device tooled-up enemies and would continue pouring ever larger amounts of US dollars into America’s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

Trump was reported as saying, "Until people come to their senses, we will build it up."

The President has boasted on too many occasions to remember about how brilliant a negotiator he is (his modesty permitting). Then perhaps he should read this.

There is a game sometimes played on their students by those that teach negotiating skills. It takes the form of pitting two students against each other in a negotiating ‘war.’ It goes like this:

A $100 bill is placed on the teacher’s desk. The class is told that whoever bids the highest for the note can have it at the price they offer. So, if student A offers ¢2 and student B only offers ¢1 then student A gets the $100 bill. The only down side is that the loser has to pay over his last bid. In the example above student B would have to forfeit ¢1.

Two volunteers are called for, and the bidding starts in earnest. Inevitably the bidding soon reaches $100 as each bidder tops his / her opponent. But what happens then?

The loser would be forced to hand over his last bid for nothing in return! As such it doesn’t take long before both sides are bidding way above $100 for the note with no escape without incurring a major penalty. They are locked in, knowing it’ll cost them their last bid to pull out. So, up and up the price keeps going.

This is how the nuclear arms race works, i.e. neither side can take the risk and stop upping the stakes for fear of losing. This is despite both sides each having enough weaponry to not only assure mutual destruction of their respective countries but the obliteration of every living thing on the planet.

So, when the Commander-in-Chief says, "Until people come to their senses, we will build it up," shouldn’t Trump include himself as one of the people he wants to ‘come to their senses?’

About the little teacher’s trick, smart students know how to win. It’s easy but I’ll leave you to figure out how.


Photo by Kremlin.ru | CC-BY-4.0 International

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