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Reruns Of 'The Office' Pulled From The Air After Being Accused Of Promoting Dwight Supremacy

Reruns Of 'The Office' Pulled From The Air After Being Accused Of Promoting Dwight Supremacy

Reruns of the hit NBC sitcom The Office have been pulled from syndication after multiple reports of the show's alleged racist content. The Office has been accused of promoting a trend of Dwight supremacy throughout the series that have harmed the character development of women, people of color, and Jim. Multiple cast members have issued apologies via Twitter. The planned revival of the series has been cancelled, according to reports from NBC.

Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute in the series, issued an apology on Twitter. "I am sorry that my character was just so awesome that it directed focus away from marginalized groups within The Office," tweeted Wilson. "It's really not my fault that I reign supreme at what I do, but since it's 2018 I'm required to issue apologies for no reason to save my career."

The group Crazed Millennials Who Think Everything Is Offensive (CMWTEIO) disavowed Wilson, NBC, and anyone who played a role in the show or enjoyed watching episodes of the program.

"What The Office did was beyond reprehensible," said CMWTEIO founder Reginald Tardedi. "We do not approve of fascism anywhere, especially on daytime television. Anyone who liked watching The Office or found humor in Dwight Schrute is undoubtedly a racist, sexist, homophobic, bigot."

John Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert on The Office, sent out a tweet, saying, "All those years I played Jim I had no idea I was performing for a racist TV show. If I did I would have never signed up for the role in the first place. I sincerely am sorry for offending anyone and I always knew that Dwight character was a weirdo. But I don't see how he hurt my character development. We had this yin yang thing going on."

Jenna Fischer, known as Pam from The Office, told Flake News reporters that "Is Dwight supremacy a new buzz word? Anyways, I'm sorry if The Office offended anyone. I also agree that the show spent too much time on Dwight who was a real weirdo on the show. But I wouldn't say that his character reigned supreme throughout the series, that's just feeding into his ego."

Leslie David Baker, who played the role of Stanley Hudson in the now-controversial sitcom, also sent out a tweet, saying, "Dwight was never racist to me, but he was always strange. I can't believe my show is being branded as bigoted just like they did to The Simpsons with that Apu character. What the hell is wrong with people nowadays? What is Dwight supremacy anyway?"

Tardedi accused Baker of being "a racist white male" following the actor's tweet, writing that "You wouldn't know what bigotry feels like because of your position in society as a racist white male. And don't you think The Simpsons were branded as bigots for good reason since the show reported hateful falsehoods into how Indian accents sound and that some Indian-American men work at convenience stores which they don't! Dwight supremacy is real and you're complicit in it. Schrute rose through the ranks all the way to regional manager and he did so because of his privilege! And in almost every single episode he's hogging the camera with his dumb, awkward jokes!"

Steve Carrel, famously-known as Michael Scott, said in an interview with Flake News that he had "no idea that (Baker) was a white male since he always considered him a black guy" and "sorry, I didn't mean to lead a bigoted TV show."

Carrel followed-up his statement, explaining that "the entertainment media no longer has a backbone. The Office has been scrubbed from the air since we now operate under the guidelines of a bunch of fringe ideological nuts who are offended by the air we breathe."

The outraged millennial leader Reginald Tardedi wrote on his Twitter page that The Office is "only the beginning" and he'll be going after "much bigger and much more bigoted shows soon" like South Park and Family Guy.

"Next we'll be going after South Park and Family Guy for their racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic and Islamophobic content," tweeted Tardedi. "One of our followers made a Youtube video, back in June, to cancel South Park and Family Guy for good, but those capitalist bigots stole his hashtag and made it into the #CancelSouthPark marketing campaign after he trolled them on Twitter a bunch of times. Check it out yourself. His profile is Social Justice 4 Life - as it should, since what we're doing will lead to equality for everyone!"

NBC's The Office first aired on March 24, 2005, and lasted for nine seasons and 201 episodes, airing its last episode on May 16, 2013. In November 2018, reruns of the show were pulled from the air worldwide after allegations of promoting racism was revealed to the press. Reruns of the original version of The Office from the UK have also been taken off the air for its role in inspiring Dwight supremacy.


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