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Kim Jong Un Demands That Salt Bae Cooks Him A Steak Dinner

Kim Jong Un Demands That Salt Bae Cooks Him A Steak Dinner

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un demands that internet-famous Turkish chef Salt Bae cook him a steak dinner, according to a statement released by Pyongyang on Monday. Kim's decision comes after Salt Bae received massive backlash for posting a video of himself cooking for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. The North Korean dictator said, "I'm starving and so are my people, but who cares about them, am I right? Come over now, Salt Bae!"

The infamous internet chef responded to Kim's request on his Instagram account, saying that, "I would be honored to cook for someone who has done so much to the people of his country." He then finished the video by sprinkling salt on the camera.

Salt Bae went from being one of the most famous internet memes on the internet to a controversial semi-political figure after he posted and deleted a video on Instagram of him serving steak for Maduro and his wife. Another video showed Salt Bae smoking a cigar with the Venezuelan dictator.

Maduro made a pit-stop at Salt Bae's restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey, to eat a $275 steak as 90 percent of his citizens live in poverty. In 2017, the average Venezuelan lost 24 pounds while the president gets fat off the wealth of their nation.

Salt Bae has stirred up controversy in the past, once dressing up as former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro on his Instagram page. The chef responded to those critics by saying, "When you see someone dress up as Heath Ledger's Joker for Halloween, that doesn't mean that person supports blowing up a hospital and putting a city in panic. I don't shame Joker fanboys, so don't shame Castro and Maduro fanboys. And maybe it's all for the laughs. Who knows? Anyway, I thought you Americans were to suppose to be about free expression. What gives? It's not like your leaders and celebrities don't schmooze it up with a dictator or two every now and then."

Furthermore, Maduro has reassured Flake News that Salt Bae didn't intend to disrespect the people of Venezuela, saying that, "He loves Venezuela, he told me several times." Maduro also called the time spent inside Salt Bae's restaurant "a once in a lifetime experience."

Junior Senator of Florida Marco Rubio weighed-in on the Salt Bae-Maduro controversy a day after defeating Alex Jones at WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday. Rubio doxxed Salt Bae, giving out the address and phone number of the Instagram-famous chef. Rubio also sent out a tweet, writing that, "I don’t know who this weirdo #Saltbae is, but the guy he is so proud to host is not the President of #Venezuela. He is actually the overweight dictator of a nation where 30% of the people eat only once a day & infants are suffering from malnutrition."

The senator's tweet triggered a multitude of pissed-off Twitter users sharing their opinions on why Salt Bae sucks, some tweeting out memes of the chef sprinkling salt on the impoverished, malnourished people of Venezuela. Salt Bae's restaurant in Miami was also targeted by Venezuelan-Americans waving the flag of their ancestral homeland, yelling out "accomplice" as they protested outside the establishment.

On Monday morning, Rubio sent out another tweet attacking the famed Turkish chef. "Wow, first Maduro, now Kim. That oddball Salt Bae sure is keeping some pretty bad company. Who would take money from people connected to so many senseless deaths?"

The salt-sprinkling butcher responded to Rubio's remarks, saying that, "Little Marco couldn't even beat Alex Jones on his own and now he wants to run his mouth about ya boy, Salt Bae, just because I don't discriminate against people I serve at my steakhouse. And you know who did discriminate at restaurants? Racists. So, don't be one. By the way, don't you have donations from the NRA to accept?"

Kim Jong Un responded to Salt Bae's tweet, writing, "Okay, that's nice, but why haven't you cooked me dinner yet? Where are you? Me and my people are hungry! Enough with all the Twitter beef and cyber-drama, I want steak in my stomach now!"


Photo by Blue House (Republic of Korea) | Korean Open Government License Type I

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