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Bill Clinton Plays Saxophone At Walmart In Attempt To Reconnect Democrats With Middle America

Bill Clinton Plays Saxophone At Walmart In Attempt To Reconnect Democrats With Middle America

Former US President Bill Clinton appeared in a viral video over the weekend, playing a saxophone in an unspecified Walmart. The video has reached over one million views and received several retweets from well-known names such as Arsenio Hall, "Real" Donald Trump, Seth MacFarlane, Jeffrey Epstein and Pope Francis. Clinton ended the video with, "Now, will you disenfranchised hicks vote blue again or what?"

Arsenio Hall retweeted the video with the caption, "Over 25 years later and Slick Willy can still flow in front of a live audience."

In the video, Clinton wore a pair of jet black sunglasses and cool free-form jazz flowed from his saxophone.

Current US President Donald Trump also sent out a retweet of the video, writing that, "Bill Clinton thinks he's a real big shot with that saxophone just like his wife is queen at deleting emails. That's not clearing out your spam folder, that's a crime, bub. And you know what? I can probably play the sax better than Bill, but I just have better things to do."

Additional videos were released online, featuring commentary from local Walmart shoppers. One video showed a skinny man in a NASCAR tank top smiling next to his much larger wife sitting in a Rascal mobility scooter. "That Bill Clinton is some fella when it comes to playing the saxophone," said the man. "I wouldn't mind if he shared a cigar with my wife."

Another video featured small children dancing in aisles while Clinton's saxophone solo played in the background. This video was retweeted by Pope Francis, Jeffrey Epstein and Roman Polanski.

A different angle of the Clinton Walmart viral video was posted on Twitter, showing the bony buttocks of the former president as he played the saxophone. In the video, the word "juicy" is visible on the backside of Clinton's baby blue sweatpants.

Walmart store manager Chip Labour was seen in a video released on YouTube talking about Bill's recent musical adventure. The manager smiled with a toothy grin, saying, "Having our former president play such beautiful music really helped boost the morale of our under-paid, government-subsidized workers."

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane sent out a retweet of the Walmart manager video, writing that, "America does have a serious problem with income inequality. But still, this store manager treats his employees a lot better than Trump does to people fleeing to freedom at the border. And plus, that orange-haired goon can never play the saxophone like Bill in a thousand years."

Former New York Senator Hillary Clinton was featured in another video shaking her head, smiling, and laughing while watching the video of her gray-haired husband playing the saxophone in Walmart.

"That's our Bill," said Hillary. "Hopefully, Walmart hicks like jazz."


Photo by Chris Savas | CC-BY-4.0 International

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