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Tritler And The Party Of Trump

Tritler And The Party Of Trump

Tom Brady did not start out as the second best QB of all time any more than Joe Montana started out being the GOAT. Mount Rushmore was just a rock when it sported only one face, and Darth Vader was just a bad dude until he wasn't. Likewise, Donald Trump the president is a work in progress. He has not yet done or said many of the things for which he will be remembered and that will sway history.

When we think of FDR we probably think of the old man sitting between Churchill and Stalin in a wheelchair at Yalta after having saved the world and not a young able-bodied Assistant Secretary of the Navy. Our thoughts of Nixon immediately involve his resignation and not his eight years as Ike's VP. The name Hitler conjures horrifying black & white images of air raids and concentration camps and not the fervent nationalist trying to overthrow the government with a radio station and a pocketful of beer hall cronies. Like the entertainer that is introduced as a 'new' sensation as though the years of lessons and practice and sacrifice did not happen, we tend to skip to the net results. But it is the rise to power that shapes history and laws and nations. 

In the mid-1930s after Hitler came to power he carefully and methodically set the groundwork for what was to come. He promised the Volk that he would make Germany great again and provide economic relief. He issued decrees regulating day to day life including travel bans and curfews, he instituted detention camps, he eliminated opposing political parties, he ridiculed and ostracized the disabled and he spewed racism with vengeful hate and poisoned energy. 

Comparisons of Trump and Hitler litter Twitter, giving some the jitters and causing them to titter and disregard the bitter truth - perhaps fairly if comparing '18 Trump to '45 Hitler, as Donny hasn't committed genocide or sent the world into war - yet. 



But the '18 Trump has promised the People that he would make America great again and provide economic relief. He has issued decrees regulating day to day life including travel bans and curfews, he has instituted detention camps, he has destroyed at least one political party (his), he has ridiculed and ostracized the disabled and he delights in spewing racism with vengeful hate and poisoned energy.

The '18 Trump looks very much like the '35 Hitler. 

However the biggest similarity between the 1930s Nazis and the 2018 POT (Party of Trump) is the use, misuse and abuse of information. In the 30s information was disseminated by print media and radio. In Germany these outlets all came under Party control and the people were told what the Party wanted them to believe. Eighty years later things aren't quite so convenient, so instead of controlling the information fed to the public, Trump and his POT ruin it, discredit it, lie about it, avoid it, change the topic, call the facts fake and fox frank. He calls for the muting of newsmen and networks on Monday and claims a right to pray in school based on the First Amendment on Tuesday. Confusion reigns and the very idea of the truth or evidence or facts becomes obscure. If we let it go on, there's a chance we will become numb to it and he will figure out a way to get himself named Chancellor too.

Because he will keep pushing. Just like a kid that will go on asking for ten more minutes as long as they are being granted, he will keep pushing just to see how far he can defy our long-held ideas and ideals about how a president should behave and be accountable. He'll continue to say and do things that would have caused any other president of any party to be censured or impeached, his followers frenzied in their blind devotion, choosing to ignore the plainly stated racism and hatred exactly as the Volk did in '34. 


If history is to repeat itself, what's next for us? He'll have to be a little more discreet than concentration camps with death chambers … maybe people-sized pneumatic tubes like the ones in the drive through at the bank into which unsuspecting Hispanics are sucked up and spit out anywhere south of the border? How long will it be before he begins to force captured immigrants to build the very wall meant to keep them out? Perhaps he'll fill all the mosques with water and powerful pumps so he can watch the water bubble in the neato round parts at the top. And what's to stop him from requiring Muslims to wear a cloth letter 'I' (for Islam) pinned to their clothes? Apparently not Congress.

The big fear is the Enabling Act, which gave Hitler the power to act without involving the Reichstag. Trump already does what he wants, working to extend the power of the Executive branch every day - a noted predilection of his SCOTUS nominee. However he may disguise it, this is Trump's goal - have no doubt.



If by no other means, the type of government Trump wants to lead can be gleaned by the world leaders that he admires, congratulates and salutes - Kim Jong Un and Putin, as opposed to the world leaders and long-time allies that he treats like dirt - Trudeau and Merkel and May. Trump was very clear about this, saying, "He (Kim Jong Un) speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same." 

We are not your people and we don't care what you say!

Except that millions are and millions do. 

The trouble with spending time writing these blogs is that in the end 99% of the people that read them are already in agreement or else they'd be reading something on a different site! So how much good do they do? We'll never know. But what can do, must do, MUST do, is make sure that everyone we know is registered to vote. Unabashedly bug the snot out of people. Drive them to the DMV or wherever you register in your state and be ready to take election day off work and drive them to the polls. We need to make democracy work for us before its very foundation is chipped away from beneath our feet while we and Congress languidly watch. Just like 1935.


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