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Southwest Ad Campaign: 'It Was Just One Passenger!'

Southwest Ad Campaign: 'It Was Just One Passenger!'

Dallas, TX - Southwest Airlines is in the news again, this time because of a controversial new add campaign they are running. The low-cost carrier has been in damage control mode since mid-April, when a mid-air engine explosion left one woman dead. 

Since the accident the Dallas based airline has seen a drop in total revenue, as well as decreasing stock value. The company paid out a substantial amount of money to the people on the flight, not to mention settling for an undisclosed amount with the family of the woman killed. 

Nothing seems to be remedying customers nerves, as they opt for other carriers, and executives at Southwest are just sick to death of it. New television and online advertisements, released throughout this month send just that message: 

“Here at Southwest, we pride ourselves on transfarency,” flight attendant Marcy Whitcomb says standing in the aisle of an empty plane, “you know, that made up word for faster boarding, and mediocre beverage service. But if y’all don’t start flying on our goddam planes again, we ain’t going to be a low cost carrier anymore.”

A man in a suit, Johnathan Marshall, comes on the screen. He is the head of public relations for the company, and speaks from the company’s corporate office in Dallas.



“It was just one! One lady! First one since 2009 folks! That’s pretty good, right? Listen, Delta kills like three dogs a flight. Alaskan is good if you want to be talked down to by a FA wearing denim. And you guys want to fly United? The airline that can’t count seats?” 

The last jab was of course a reference to a violent removal of a passenger off of an overbooked United golf cart, transporting elderly people concourse to concourse.

Next to speak was a member of the ground crew that saw that plane off from the gate. Joe Buckley, a young guy, gave a reassuring message to the passengers Southwest was hoping to win back. 

“Yeah, they assured me that the fan blade crack was deep in the engine. Invisible to the naked eye.” Joe said, talking from the tarmac at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.



“That sucks though, doesn’t it? You know I was assigned to that Sully guy’s flight too?” Joe continued, “Statistically speaking, you do not want to see me outside your plane with those glowing light things, what are those called again?” 

The commercial ends with a promo for round-trip flights as low as $59 and free Xanax bars to anyone with a window seat on the wings.    


Photo by Brian from Toronto, Canada  ||  CC-BY-SA 2.0

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