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Top 10 List: Thrill-Seeking In America

Top 10 List: Thrill-Seeking In America

1.    Working in Hollywood     

The thrill of working in Hollywood is gender specific. As a woman, it’s like a game of “Guess who?” where you try to figure out who’s gonna try to getchya. As a man, the objective of the game is to avoid saying, doing, or thinking anything that might brand you as a sexual predator. Once you get tagged, you’re out!


2.    Driving a Tesla

Driving cars is a pastime in America that could never get old… or could it? Street racing is an old fad that seems to be dying out, but the latest trend for car enthusiasts is driving a Tesla. The new autopilot feature has a sensor that locates trees, parked cars, moving cars, buildings, etc. that accelerates the vehicle head first into objects in case you’re getting bored. 


“The impact is a sensation I haven’t felt in years,” says Tesla owner Sara White.


3.    Being an illegal immigrant

If you were a kid that grew up playing manhunt, then you might love being an illegal immigrant in America. It is recommended that you train your cardio before playing, because ICE agents are pretty quick. The objective of the game is to avoid getting on the bus. It is very age-friendly, as the buses even have seats for infants. It is recommended that you are Hispanic, as Canadians don’t get too much attention. 


4.    Writing your opinion on Facebook

One thing to love about America is your freedom of speech. If you enjoy exercising this right to the fullest, then writing your opinion on Facebook can yield a bottomless pit of stimulating conversation. Any topic is game for debate – politics, music, food, even the weather! The game never ends, so don’t worry about conclusions. 


5.    Going to school 

Compared to other countries, the risk factor of going to school in America is unusually high. Hide and seek experience is recommended here as well. 


6.    Being black

For hundreds of years, being black in America has come with a variety of obstacles to attack. In recent years, the wildest experience for African Americans would have to be dealing with the police. Seeking engagement is easy – all it takes is walking around at night, running (not running from police – just… running), sitting down at Starbucks, walking around during the day, driving a car, or trying to unlock your own front door. Adrenaline junkies are raving over being black – anything can happen at any given time!


7.    Eating lettuce

Sounds simple, but if you enjoy Russian roulette, you’ll love eating lettuce. Distributors are tagging a fraction of their lettuce with just a dash of E. coli – that’s right, poop particles! Most franchise restaurants are playing. Winning this game could get you out of work for a couple weeks. 


8.    Running for president (no experience necessary!) 

You need political experience to become president in most other nations, but that’s why we’re the free world! The louder you are, the better your chances. As president in America, you have the freedom to focus on separate business ventures, sleep with adult stars, and go gung-ho on social media with nobody to filter you. What more could you ask for?


9.    Pick a gender

Feeling like a billy goat? Well, that’s exactly what you are in the United States. It doesn’t have to be that way forever, either. You could be anything under the sun at any given time. The rest of the world is still slacking behind on having bathrooms accessible for bricks, tartar sauce, chameleons, bipedal polar bears, marmalade, and non-binary croissants. When you’re in America, you have the freedom to identify your gender with whatever it is you feel like. 


10.     Debt climbing

This one is inevitable and probably the most underrated among thrill-seekers. If you’ve ever played musical chairs, you’ll love debt climbing. The object of the game is to climb out of your debts by constantly paying back the people you owe money to – and boy, do you owe it to everyone! It’s like musical chairs because eventually, someone has to end up living on the street, so it’s your job to make sure it isn’t you!



Photo by Gage Skidmore  ||  CC-BY-SA 2.0

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